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And, if I'm being honest, not even a synastry reading should prevent you from getting to know someone.

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Remember, astrology is merely a tool to help you understand yourself and the world you live in on a deeper level. It should never dictate policy because life is meant to be lived. A synastry reading can also describe the dynamic between you and your mother, why you and your brother might argue, and why one of your friendships may have ended. Synastry readings are for all the relationships in your life and here's how they work:. As I said before, you contain your own universe just as someone else contains theirs.

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When you interact with each other, both of those universes collide. Your planets speak to their planets and vice versa.

Compatibility: With Birth Times

Your planets fall into some of their astrological houses and vice versa. As a result, you may feel one way about someone and they may feel a completely different way about you. They might bring out a specific reaction from you and you might bring something else out of them. For example, let's say your natal Venus — planet of love and beauty — forms a harmonious trine with someone's natal sun, which is the planet of ego and outward energy.

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This sparks an instant attraction and an easy connection. Your Venus finds their sun pleasant and possibly even magical to be around.

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That person's sun finds your style of flirtation lovely in return. All seems well so far.

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However, let's say your Venus also forms a difficult square with their natal Uranus, planet of unpredictability and independence. While this could spark an intriguing romance for you, it might be an emotional roller-coaster ride due to the lack of stability it provides.

Their Uranus may even feel inhibited by your Venus, which might challenge their independence. And, if your Venus falls in that person's seventh house of partnerships, you might view them as your dream come true. They may exude the energy you've always desired in a potential partner. We use cookies and other technologies on this website to enhance your user experience.

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Compatibility: With Birth Times

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